DANTES February 2018 Newsletter (DIB)

They Have Questions…You Have Answers!

FAQs For Education Planning Tools

Where do I start? What school is right for me? How do I get my transcripts? Who do I go to for help? Just the thought of pursuing a postsecondary education brings up several questions for many military members. Every student pursuing a college degree has questions as they reach different goals along their education journey. Military members often have more questions than civilian students because their daily duties, deployments and frequent permanent change of station (PCS) moves present even more challenges.
The Defense of Department’s (DoD) Voluntary Education (VolEd) community has the responsibility of ensuring these education questions are answered to help military members
successfully reach their education goals and complete their college degrees. DANTES is just one organization within the VolEd community offering active, National Guard and Reserve component military members education benefits and services.

For the next seven months, the DANTES monthly newsletter will provide military education counselors and advisors with the answers to several frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding the various DoD/DANTESsponsored education programs and services. This month, we start with FAQs for DANTES Education Planning Tools. These tools include the Distance Learning Readiness Self-Assessment (DLRSA) program and Kuder Journey. READ MORE! 


– Counselor Tools & Resources: Assessment Results for the DLRSA, Kuder Journey Resources

– Hot News: DSST Test Preparation, DSST Pass Rates Increased!

– TTT: Troops to Teachers Virginia Center Helps Navigate Teaching Licensure


Also, be sure to check out the DANTES website and DANTES student blog for more information on a variety of military education programs to help military members, their families and veterans with their education goals.

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