DANTES Joins the DHRA Mission

Pensacola, Fla.- The Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES) and the Defense Human Resources Activity (DHRA) announced the realignment of DANTES from the U.S. Navy to the Department of Defense (DoD) effective Oct. 1, 2017.

The change officially makes DANTES a component of DHRA and should be transparent to DoD service members and U.S. Coast Guard members who use DANTES education support programs every day.

“DANTES has been well served having the Navy as it’s executive agent for four decades,” stated William H. (Bill) Booth, DHRA director.  “The DANTES mission supporting service members in the five services is analogous with supporting the warfighters missions of our other nine components.  We are delighted to have DANTES join the DHRA family.”

“We are a perfect fit for the DHRA mission,” said Jeff Allen, DANTES director. “Our entire team is looking forward to this next chapter as we continue to strive to improve education opportunities for service members DoD-wide, while working alongside our DHRA counterparts,” said Allen. “We are grateful for the partnership we’ve had with the Navy for more than 40 years and we expect to continue to build on our past successes.”

DHRA is a multifaceted organization that manages various DoD enterprise-wide programs ranging from travel management and risk reduction to federal voting assistance and direct support programs for service members and their families, such as DANTES Voluntary Education (VolEd) programs.

DANTES provides consolidated management of Defense VolEd programs that help service members gain the knowledge they need to achieve their education goals, advance in their military careers, and successfully transition into the civilian workforce at the conclusion of their military service. Through partnerships with higher education organizations and in collaboration with the Defense VolEd community, DANTES delivers a portfolio of education programs designed to enable college readiness, empower informed decision-making, and drive success in the pursuit of higher-education goals.

Learn more about DANTES VolEd programs and resources by visiting these websites: www.dantes.doded.mil, www.myvoled.com, www.myvoledpath.com, and www.dantes4military.com

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