DANTES April Newsletter (DIB) 2017

Introducing the My VolEd Path Mobile App…

Voluntary education is now available on mobile devices.

The new My VolEd Path mobile app is a tool aimed at increasing service member awareness of and access to voluntary education programs and benefits. The new app serves as a discovery tool toMy VolEd Path help military students begin to build personal pathways to their individual education and career goals. It serves as another resource to demonstrate the Department of Defense Voluntary Education program’s commitment to ensuring service members are properly informed of the array of educational opportunities available to them.

The My VolEd Path mobile app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and through Google Play. Access to download the app is also available through www.MyVolEdPath.com. Read the DIB for more details on My VolEd Path.

Other News:

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– SOC Degree Network System (DNS) is seeking New Programs
– FY17 DEPH Update Available in DAIMS
– Troops to Teachers (TTT) Web Updates
– TTT Education Spotlight: USAF C5s to High School Video Game Design – SSgt Kenneth Scott Myers (Ret)

Check out the DANTES website and DANTES student blog for more information on a variety of military education programs to help military members, their families and veterans with their education goals.

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